The criminal defense attorneys at Kuchler & Cotton, S.C. have successfully defended clients in state and federal courts throughout Wisconsin. Some of our successful results are listed below. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

State and Federal Drug Crimes:

Marijuana Distribution: Our Milwaukee client was charged with Marijuana Distribution. We negotiated a deferred prosecution which will result in a dismissal after 6 months of good behavior.

Federal Marijuana Conspiracy: Our client faced a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence for Federal Marijuana Conspiracy. We negotiated a dismissal before trial.

Cocaine Distribution: Our client was charged with high level Cocaine Distribution in state court. There were three controlled buys against her and her co-defendant. The weight was more than 40 grams of cocaine. We convinced the court to place her on probation instead of impose a prison term.

Federal Cocaine Conspiracy: Our client was a cocaine supplier who was part of a large conspiracy. He faced a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence. At sentencing, we were able to persuade the judge to impose 30 months.

Federal Cocaine Conspiracy; Career Offender: Our client was charged with federal cocaine conspiracy and was classified as a career offender which meant he was facing more than 20 years minimum. We negotiated a reduced charge and got the court to order probation with 6 months of home confinement.

Felony Drug Charges: Our Winnebago County Client was charged with two felony drug offenses. We got the case reduced to a misdemeanor with only a $50 fine.

Heroin Distribution and Possession: Our Milwaukee client was charged with Heroin Distribution and Possession. We negotiated a deferred prosecution which will result in a dismissal after a period of good behavior.

Cocaine Distribution: Our client faced charges for Felony Cocaine Distribution and Felony Bail Jumping after allegedly selling crack to an undercover officer while he was already on bail for another drug charge. Our aggressive representation at trial resulted in a not guilty verdict.

Child Abuse/Neglect and Child Homicide:

Felony Child Abuse: Our Winnebago client was charged with felony child abuse against his 4 year old stepdaughter. Donna Kuchler negotiated a reduction of the charges to a misdemeanor resulting in probation.

Reckless Homicide: Our client faced Reckless Homicide charges after the hospital determined that his 5 month old son’s death resulted from Shaken Baby Syndrome, even after the father explained that the infant had had a seizure and fell off his lap onto the hardwood floor. At trial, we presented expert witnesses who testified that a short fall — such as the fall that the father described — could have caused the subdural hematoma. We obtained a not guilty verdict at trial.

Child Abuse CHIPS Action: Our clients faced losing their infant child permanently in a CHIPS (Child in Need of Protection) case where the hospital determined that the 5 month old child’s bleeding in the brain resulted from Shaken Baby Syndrome. At trial, we presented evidence of the traumatic childbirth the infant had endured that had actually caused the damage. The jury returned a verdict in favor of our clients.

Sex Crimes:

First Degree Sexual Assault: Our client was charged with two counts of First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child. The prosecution used our client’s confession to obtain a conviction at trial. Although our client faced a potential penalty of 120 years in prison, at the sentencing hearing we successfully persuaded the court to impose a probationary sentence. Rather than spend the rest of his life in prison, the defendant was required to serve 12 months in jail with work release privileges and is on probation for 5 years.

Sexual Enticement: Our Waukesha client faced a prison sentence after being charged with Sexual Enticement with the Use of a Computer. Attorney Donna Kuchler negotiated probation instead.

Other Criminal Charges:

Drunk Driving: On drunk driving cases we have regularly persuaded courts to impose the mandatory minimum sentences that the law allows for.

Juvenile Crimes: Anthony D. Cotton of Kuchler & Cotton, S.C. is the president of a diversionary program for young offenders in Waukesha. This role has enabled our law firm to successfully convince prosecutors to allow our clients to participate in diversionary programs in lieu of formal sentencing and a formal conviction.

Felony Escape: Our Waukesha client was facing 6 years in prison for leaving the Huber facility and not returning. The prosecutor originally wanted prison. We provided the court with statistical evidence showing that an appropriate sentence would be 60 days in jail. The judge followed our recommendation.

Racketeering: Our client was charged in a 15 person Racketeering case in Milwaukee. The prosecution claimed he was a leader of a large gang. He faced more than 50 years in prison. We negotiated a plea to substantial battery which carried a maximum of 18 months confinement. At sentencing, the court gave him 18 months, concurrent to the 18 months he was already serving for a different offense.

Armed Robbery: Our Waukesha client was charged with two Armed Robberies. We persuaded the court to allow us to introduce other acts of evidence showing that other people in the same area had likely committed this robbery. After that victory, we negotiated a low level felony reduction and got him probation.

Felon in Possession: Our Milwaukee client faced confinement for a Felon in Possession charge. We negotiated probation.

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