If you’re facing a return to jail while on probation or parole, contact Kuchler & Cotton, S.C. today. Our Wisconsin probation violation attorneys will work hard to find ways to keep you out of prison.

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Our attorneys have several decades of combined legal experience. We understand the relevant Wisconsin laws regarding parole and probation. Our firm has established a solid record of success in helping people beat parole or probation violations and we receive numerous referrals from past satisfied clients.

Our Wisconsin probation violation attorneys are aggressive in fighting for our clients’ rights. We’ll schedule a probation revocation hearing early in the process. We’ll argue your case in front of the administrative law judge or parole board. We’ll review your file with the probation agent and we will demand copies of all documents to ensure no mistakes have been made.

If your problem is alcohol or drug related, we’ll work hard to get the federal or state court to allow an ATR, or an alternative to revocation. This option could help you get the treatment for your drug problem or alcohol addiction that you need.

We may also utilize mental health professionals if you have a psychological disorder that caused of your violation and you need additional treatment. At Kuchler & Cotton, S.C., we know that jail is not the best place for people dealing with mental health issues.

Contact our law firm today for your free consultation. We have the experience and knowledge to fight for your rights if you’re facing a probation violation or a parole hearing. We provide aggressive legal counsel that gets results.

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