When you are going through a divorce, facing a child custody battle, or other family law issue, it is important to retain an experienced Waukesha divorce lawyer who will keep your best interests in mind. Contact Kuchler & Cotton, S.C. today. We’ll fight for you.

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At Kuchler & Cotton, S.C. we understand that every divorce is unique. Because every family is different, our Waukesha Divorce lawyers take the time to talk with our clients, get to know their family, and understand their goals. This way our firm can develop a legal strategy that meets our client’s needs.

At Kuchler & Cotton, S.C., we have years of experience handling family law cases, such as a Wisconsin child support cases, spousal support modification, or a divorce. In every family law case we work to obtain the best possible result for your family.

Our lawyers understand Wisconsin child support laws and we use a child support calculator to help determine how much child support the courts are likely to require a parent to pay or allow a parent to receive.

Our attorneys will be vigorous advocates for you and your family to ensure a fair arrangement. Our investigators evaluate every detail of your case and we will not hesitate to take your case to court if it is in your best interest.

Contact a Wisconsin divorce lawyer at Kuchler & Cotton, S.C. today for your free consultation. Our family law attorneys will provide you the sensitive, experienced representation you need.

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