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Because Wisconsin drug laws are so broad, it is very easy for law enforcement officials to abuse their power and arrest people for virtually noncriminal activity. In fact, the types of incidents that are resulting in manufacturing and distribution charges are becoming increasingly absurd. For example, a caregiver was recently arrested for distributing medication to a patient.

The criminal defense lawyers at Kuchler & Cotton, S.C. represent clients in both minor and major drug crime cases, including those involving marijuana manufacturing and distribution. No matter the situation, we provide a strong and effective defense designed to produce results.

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Our defense lawyers handle all manner of manufacturing and distribution charges, including:

  • Manufacturing/operating a marijuana grow house: Under Wisconsin law, marijuana manufacturing charges can be pursued whether you grow the marijuana for personal use or grow the drug to sell or distribute to others.
  • Drug distribution: Simply passing a drug from one person to the next may constitute distribution under Wisconsin drug laws. Whether you pass a joint to a friend, sell you mom’s prescription pills or operate a major drug trafficking ring, you could face drug distribution charges.
  • Prescription drug fraud: Prescription drug fraud charges are now being filed in cases where prescriptions are forged or sold to others. The law in Wisconsin is written so broadly that one could be charged with drug possession for picking up the prescription of a family member at the pharmacy.

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The penalties for a drug manufacturing or distribution conviction are devastating. In addition to prison time, a permanent criminal record and other criminal penalties, there are serious collateral consequences. College students could lose federal student aid. It can be difficult to obtain a job or loan. Your reputation will be permanently tarnished. The attorneys at Kuchler & Cotton, S.C. can help. We take a comprehensive approach to manufacturing and distribution defense.

We find answers to the following questions:

  • What was the purpose of growing the drug? — Was it used to treat a medical condition or other personal use? We may be able to explore treatment options to get the charges reduced or even dropped.
  • How do the police have the evidence? — Was there probable cause for a search warrant? Was the search warrant properly executed? We attack the search warrant and pursue motions to suppress any evidence obtained in violation of your constitutional rights.

We represented a young man in Milwaukee charged with marijuana distribution. We negotiated a deferred prosecution which will result in a dismissal after 6 months of good behavior. View more results.

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