While domestic violence may seem like an insignificant charge, a conviction can be a major problem. You may face jail time, probation, fines and mandatory counseling. Under federal law, you will lose your right to possess a firearm. This is true even if you are convicted of disorderly conduct or another simple domestic violence crime.

Your second amendment rights matter to the Waukesha domestic violence defense lawyers at Kuchler & Cotton, S.C.. We will invest time and energy into your defense and treat your case with the thoroughness it deserves. We will present every single legal challenge we can to defend your case. From constitutional challenges to the crime to creative jury instructions, our lawyers have the skill and expertise necessary to fight these cases. Our lawyers have secured hundreds, if not thousands, of favorable results on domestic violence cases, in large part because of the thoroughness of our challenges and the creativity of our arguments.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, act quickly to secure a defense attorney. We know that a domestic violence arrest can happen at any hour of the day, which is why you can contact us anytime, including nights and weekends.

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Our attorneys can defend your rights, no matter what domestic violence charge you face:

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Domestic battery/domestic assault
  • False imprisonment
  • Criminal damage to property

Disorderly Conduct Defense

We are one of the only law firms in Wisconsin that has an extensive motion practice for disorderly conduct crimes. We have drafted jury instructions on disorderly conduct and have successfully persuaded many different courts to require prosecutors to prove the specific act that occurred. This has allowed us to secure many acquittals for clients facing disorderly conduct charges.

Of course, past success does not guarantee future results. The results of every case depend on the unique facts involved. However, the effort we put into representing clients never changes. We will aggressively pursue every defense available to you, working toward the best possible outcome in your case.

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