Allegations of child abuse are on the rise in Wisconsin. If you are facing charges of child abuse or the risk of losing your children in a CHIPS action, it is extremely important to retain an experienced Wisconsin child abuse attorney who will thoroughly investigate your case and examine the evidence objectively. Contact Kuchler & Cotton, S.C. today.

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Being charged with abuse of a child can be a lonely and difficult experience. You may lose your parental rights and be forbidden from having any contact with your children. At Kuchler & Cotton, S.C., we understand what you’re going through. Our attorneys have decades of experience defending individuals from child abuse and neglect charges.

We handle cases involving:

  • Physical child abuse (hitting, shoving, assault, etc.)
  • Emotional child abuse (verbal abuse, unreasonable punishment, etc.)
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Child neglect
  • Child homicide/Shaken Baby Syndrome

At Kuchler & Cotton, S.C., our attorneys examine all the evidence of child abuse objectively. We evaluate medical reports, any prior history of false accusations, police reports and other evidence to obtain a clear picture of what the case involves and what the evidence shows. In some cases, where the abuse or neglect actually occurred, we assess whether treatment options are available. In certain circumstances, this could result in reduced charges and minimal to no jail time. In addition, it could preserve rights to custody and visitation.

Parental Discipline Privilege

In Wisconsin, parents have a legal right to physically discipline their children, as long as the discipline is reasonable — meaning that the discipline cannot create the risk of great bodily harm or death. We can protect your rights as a parent when your teenage child tries to take advantage of the system with a false abuse allegation.

Proven Results — We successfully defended a mother of two teenage daughters who faced allegations of child abuse. The daughters alleged the mother had beaten them with curtain rods, locked them in a room for an entire day, and gave them nothing but a sandwich to eat and a pot to use for a bathroom. As a result of these child abuse allegations, the mother faced a CHIPS (Children in Need of Protection) action where she faced the ultimate punishment of losing her children.

The mother only contested the allegation that she beat the girls with curtain rods. She acknowledged the other discipline, indicating that was intended to punish and deter the daughters’ drinking, grotesque Internet abuse and other teenage delinquencies. As a result of our thorough pre-trial investigation and focused presentation during trial, we were able to demonstrate that the punishment was reasonable and acceptable in the mother’s religion. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the mother. View more results.

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